We are brand new to potentially swinging, and have been actually dating about a month. Courtney has enjoyed women as well and so I think for this first times or so we would both like to be with a single woman. If there is a man around that's okay and in that case we are not comfortable with her being with him, however it is her fantasy to have me and her be with a woman. I hope this is acceptable to a couple if that is all there is, we're new and still feeling it out. I am not sure I want to see her with another man in this first event. Is that okay?

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Yes, it's ok! Don't feel like you have to go beyond your comfort level, it really sucks the fun out of it. However, keep in mind that might mean you don't get the opportunity to experience a live interaction. Single females are highly sought after. Hope you guys make great memories! ?
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Do only what your willing to admit that you want. In the LS what pleases each other is ok. Two women at the same time is a handful and having a man watch is ok. If you do not want to see her with another man then only look for a single lady. She appears to be very attractive. There are many single ladies that enjoy being with a couple. This is for fun and added spice. Make sure you are secure in your relationship first. Give yourself more time with your lady and make sure this is something BOTH of you want. Neet and Walter
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It ok but you need have an understanding up front about. Best way is fine a couple to be friends with then get into sex. Remember sex as nothing to do with love it just playingq
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Being open about your desires and fantasies, where your boundaries are at (these will change). After encounters you have together communicate to help each other process their experience, feelings can linger or new realizations that have come out of the experience you shared. Let the couple you are seeking this experience with know what you are looking for. Have Fun!! ;)
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Love your post! We had that very discussion yesterday and my husband expressed his ambivalence over that very same thing. I reminded him that this is a journey we are taking together and that it is strictly sex. Emotions have to stay out of it and he wont really know until it happens and my guess is hed love the shit out of it.
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I think it's safe to say that, -that would be ok. Honesty is the best policy.
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